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How I research for you...

The first step in knowing more about your ancestors comes from you.

When you have submitted your contact details, I get in touch with you by email, with a list of questions to help you to write down as much as you know about your family. The questions covered will be about your ancestors that are known to you, their birth, marriage and death details. Also asked will be the places that they lived in or had connections with.

If you know their occupations, places of work, birthplace, gravestone, etc., do provide these. You may ask your family, particularly any elderly relatives, for more information. Is there a family bible or papers that have been passed on to you? Every bit of information, no  matter how trivial it is, will be very beneficial to the research. Do not worry if you do not have a lot of details, even a small amount will yield a lot! I am here to help you to find ways to get started.

From the information you have initially supplied, I will then start my research, either via the Internet and/or at the county record office, to establish existing records such as birth, marriage and death indexes. Once I have those, I will then come back to you to provide you with the details that I have initially found. This is the preliminary stage when I can then confirm that the information you have supplied is more or less correct and that the subsequent research that you requested is possible.

It is at this stage that I will also be able to inform you the cost of any incurred expenses that are likely to arise from the research - this includes travel to the village/parish, county record office or a major archive repository; accommodation if the research is for more than one day; and any certificates or printouts that I have ordered on your behalf. 

I will then complete the research and it will take me a few days to put together my research into a report to submit to you.

I use Legacy Family Tree software to compile the research that I have carried out. All information found will be backed up by sources (details of where I found each bit of genealogical detail about your ancestor). The same software has chart and report facilities and it is in this format that you will receive your commissioned report.

For an extra cost, I can, at your request, send off the chart to another company to print out a larger sized professional looking chart to hang up on your wall!

So now you know how the research works, why not get started and collate the information and send them to me?

You will find my email address on the contact page.

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